Truck Accidents

The United States economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70% of all our freight, transported annually within the US. This accounts for approximately $671 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods being transported by trucks in the US alone, add another $295 billion in truck trade with Canada and another $195.6 billion with Mexico and one can understand the enormity of the trucking industry.

There are over 200,000,000 licensed drivers in the United States today, with an estimated 3.5 million of which are truck drivers. Annually it is estimated that motor vehicle crashes cost an estimated $4,900 per second, that’s’ about $30,000 in the time it took to read this particular fact.

About 500,000 truck accidents take place each year on our roadways; this results in approximately 5,000 fatalities and about 130,000 related truck injuries. Large trucks are usually involved in fatal multi-vehicle crash than passenger vehicles. Most fatal truck accidents occurred in rural areas and during the daytime. A truck accident involving a big truck and a smaller vehicle or pedestrians, often has very tragic consequences as a big truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds and can go up to 75 feet in length. With these astronomical numbers it is not at all shocking to realize that truck accidents results in the most severe injuries and the largest number of deaths than other traffic accidents.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, approximately 12% of all traffic fatalities are caused because of truck accidents. Tractor-trailer truck accidents are especially dangerous resulting in an alarming 98% of these accidents, the passengers and or driver in the other vehicle is killed. While 90 percent of truck accidents are the results of human errors, a number of other elements contribute to truck collisions, including:

  • Bad weather and poor visibility – caused by heavy rain or snow or winds
  • Poor road conditions
  • Driver distracted and inexperience
  • Driver exhausted or intoxicated
  • Reckless driving or speeding
  • Failing to obey traffic signs
  • Equipment failure
  • Unstable loads
  • Animals or debris in the road

Because of the size of trucks and tractor-trailers, when they collide with other vehicles, the damage they cause is usually catastrophic, especially if the truck is traveling at high speeds. Common injuries caused from such horrific collisions include:

    • Broken bones
    • Brain injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Severe burns
    • Paralysis
    • Death

    At The Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., our truck accident lawyers have been handling cases in New York for many years. Because truck accident cases are more complex than traditional automobile accident litigation, it is important to hire a truck accident attorney who understands all facets of truck accident investigation and litigation. Our lawyers know the state and federal trucking regulations and how to use them to win your case.

    If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone poor maintenance and negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for:
    • Medical & Hospitalization Bills
    • Cost of Medication
    • Specialized Testing due to Injury
    • Doctors’ follow-up visits
    • Property Damages
    • Loss of Earnings
    • Future Loss of Earnings
    • Emotional Pain & Suffering

    With the help of a dedicated New York Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq, we will determine whether your personal injury case has merit.


    Our personal injury lawyers’ work on a contingency basis so you only pay a fee if we recover money for you. Contact our experienced Attorneys today at the Law Office ofAleksandr Vakarev Esq., for a free consultation at 718-839-6885.


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