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Every day in the United States workers endure injuries, disability, and even death due to workplace incidents. On average, 15 workers die each day from traumatic injuries. In 2007, approximately 5,400 workers died from an occupational injury and more than 4 million workers had a nonfatal injury or illness. In the private sector alone every day, approximately 11,500 nonfatal work-related injuries are reported resulting in more than half of these injuries requiring a job transfer, work restrictions, or time away from the jobs. Among all workers, not just the private sector, approximately 9,000 workers are treated each day in emergency departments, with about 200 of these workers being hospitalized. As a result of this, an estimated 3.4 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses among civilian workers, were serious enough to be treated in hospital emergency departments.

Workplace injuries persist to be a major concern for employees and their families. These injuries, illnesses, and fatalities can have serious repercussion on a family. If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness, what are you going to do for money? How is your family going to financially endure this predicament?

An injury or illness is categorized as work related when an event or exposure occurs in the workplace and causes or contributes to the circumstance or even significantly aggravates a pre-existing condition.

Effectively, there are numerous types of workplace injuries in relation to the many different types of jobs. The most common to date remains sprains and strains. Recent studies indicate that these particular type of injury account for 41% of all workplace injuries, requiring time out of work. In fact, more than 4 out of 10 injuries were sprains or strains, most involving overexertion or falls. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) accounts for approximately 30% of injuries according to the U.S. Department of Labor. MSD is usually categorized as “an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, or spinal disks.” They however, do not include disorders caused by slips, falls, trips, or motor vehicle accidents.

Another common workplace illness and one that results in eventual fatality is respiratory diseases and cancer due to over exposure to hazardous material. Asbestos-related disease such as lung cancer and asbestosis caused by inhalation of asbestos remains very common today.

The majority of all other claims relating to workplace injuries can be broken down into these specific areas including:

  • Driving/work related injuries - incidents involving Fork Lift; incidents involving Pallet Truck; vehicles caused injury due to poor maintenance; and injuries caused by professional drivers being forced to work excessively long hours.
  • Factory related injuries - Workplace injuries as a result of factory work encompass injuries caused by using heavy machinery, and even driving. Factory based incidents includes; repetitive strains; handling, carrying and lifting injuries; general tissue trauma including cuts and burns; injuries caused by heavy machinery; and falls from heights.
  • Heavy machinery/equipment based injuries - Injuries caused by heavy machinery are noted to be amongst the most serious of all workplace related injuries. In fact the construction industry currently has an unenviable record as one of the highest workplace fatality rates for serious injury as compared to other work sectors. Injuries encompass; loss of limbs from heavy machinery accident; defective machinery; trips and falls due to dangerous equipment; and again general tissue trauma including cuts and burns.
  • Office based injuries – injuries due to; trips, falls or slips; using defective seating thus causing injury; repetitive strain injuries; poorly maintained office electrical equipment can cause injury; and lifting heavy items via incorrect lifting method.
  • Retail based injuries – these types of injuries are sustained in shops and usually centers around falls and lifting injuries, specifically: injuries sustained whilst slipping on spilled liquid; falls or trips due to erroneously positioned stock; injuries due to stock falling from shelving; and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Warehouse based injuries - Injuries sustained within a warehouse environment can be extensive depending on the warehouse conditions, but the main type of injuries suffered by employees are: incidents involving Fork Lift; incidents involving Pallet Truck; trips or slips causing injury; injuries caused by items falling off shelving or the employee falling from height; and handling, carrying and lifting large items.
It is very important to recognize what you can do in the event of a workplace accident.

Ultimately it is your employers’ responsibility to provide and maintain a safe working environment. In the eventuality that this fails, there are numerous organizations of health and safety legislation formulated, which allows you to submit a claim for monetary compensation if you have been injured at work. While you may feel reserved to pursue a claims against your employer due to awkwardness with both employer and colleagues, it is however, commonplace for such compensation claims to be initiated.

Furthermore, it is the legal requirement of your employer to have suitable liability insurance in place in the event of such a claim. Therefore, you should not worry that your employer may have to payout a large sum, which may affect the running of the company or that your colleague’s jobs may be jeopardized. Remember any compensation payout is usually awarded via the insurance company.

If you have been injured in the workplace, the time following can be very confusing. As such, if you are unsure on how to proceed with any sort of injury compensation claim, you should immediately seek the services of an attorney to discuss your circumstances.

The New York Partners and Associates of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., have successfully represented injured victims securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Together with our experienced team of attorneys, experts and investigators, we work assiduously and collectively to present all of the evidence necessary to our success.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for:

  • Medical & Hospitalization Bills
  • Cost of Medication
  • Specialized Testing due to Injury
  • Doctors’ follow-up visits
  • Property Damages
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Future Loss of Earnings
  • Emotional Pain & Suffering

With the help of a dedicated New York Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., we will determine whether your personal injury case has merit.


Our personal injury lawyers’ work on a contingency basis so you only pay a fee if we recover money for you. Contact our experienced Attorneys today at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., for a free consultation at 718-839-6885.


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