Failure to Provide Safety

Every individual of employable age, have the fundamental right to work in a safe environment. The Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) was instituted to prevent workers from being seriously harmed or killed while at work. The law further required that employers provide their employees with safe working conditions free from any known dangers. In addition, this law further stipulates that proper training, information and assistance be provided to every employee.

Unfortunately, these guidelines are not always followed and as such traumatic and most often fatal accidents to occur in the workplace. Annually approximately 6,000 employees in the United States die tragically from work related injuries, while another 50,000 die from illnesses caused from exposure to unsafe workplace hazards. In general, the majority of workplace injuries and illness arise due to hazardous industrial conditions, unsafe working practices or simple exposure to harmful chemical that was not adequately stored.

Workers are entitled to a safe working environment in order to perform their respective duties. While accidents are not always preventable, even predictable, employing some simple workplace safety will afford the minimum of injuries or illnesses occurring.

Listed are some important safety measures that you can adopt to assist in avoiding accidents and injuries while at work:

  • Be informed of the potential risk – On-going education and training programs are a pre-requisite to ensure workplace safety. Additionally, employers must take the initiative and responsibility to provide sufficient training to all employees on the safe practices to perform the job at hand; and always remember when a potential hazard is uncovered, ensure everyone else in the workplace is aware of the potential dangers.
  • Using the proper equipment – All safety gear should be properly ventilated and lighted. Working equipment must be regularly and thoroughly maintained. Employers again, must provide adequate training in the proper usage of personal protective equipment (PPE), this includes proper instruction on how to handle chemicals safely and legally and keeping proper documentation of all chemicals being utilized.
  • Get plenty of sleep -- According to studies by the National Sleep Foundation, the majority of the public has stated that they do not get enough sleep. In addition, workplace tiredness is costing at least 80 billion dollars a year to U.S. industry. Exertion and overtiredness creates a risk to employees who are involved in positions that require concentration and quick response. It is therefore essential to get about 7 – 8 hours of sleep in a day.
  • Over-exertion -- Excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, or transporting an object can cause serious injuries. Heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of workplace injury. Utilizing unsafe lifting techniques will likely lead to back injuries, pulled muscles, even spinal injuries. Remember to take regular breaks so as to ensure your muscles can rest sufficiently.
  • Use caution while driving -- Car and truck accidents are some of the major causes of workplace injuries and death. Key points to remember, desist from conversing on your cell phone and trying to multi-task at the same time. Pay attention while driving not only to the roadway but also the other drivers on the road; and make sure you get sufficient sleep.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of your employer to provide and maintain a safe working environment. Furthermore, it is the legal requirement of any employer to have suitable liability insurance in the eventuality of any injury.

If you have been injured in the workplace, the time following can be very confusing. As such, if you are unsure on how to proceed with any sort of injury compensation claim, you should immediately seek the services of an attorney to discuss your circumstances.

The New York Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., have successfully represented injured victims securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Together with our experienced team of attorneys, experts and investigators, we will work assiduously and collectively to present all of the evidence necessary to our success.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for:

  • Medical & Hospitalization Bills
  • Cost of Medication
  • Specialized Testing due to Injury
  • Doctors’ follow-up visits
  • Property Damages
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Future Loss of Earnings
  • Emotional Pain & Suffering

With the help of a dedicated New York Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., we will determine whether your personal injury case has merit.


Our personal injury lawyers’ work on a contingency basis so you only pay a fee if we recover money for you. Contact our experienced Attorneys today at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., for a free consultation at 718-839-6885.


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