Premises Liability

It is the legal responsibility of residential and commercial business owners to ensure their property is safe and accident free especially to all it users. They need to ensure that the premises are maintained and adequate security is in place. When a property owner disregard their duty, the public is placed at risk and people are often seriously injured or worst……killed.

In New York, a developing area in Premises Liability lawsuits involves claims against shopping centers, parking facilities and other large commercial offices and apartment complex with known problems of crime happening near or within their premises. These business owners have been neglecting their duty and responsibility to protect their patrons. We are seeing more and more cases involving victims severely injured, molested or even raped and killed as a result of the business owners’ failure to provide the required security measures to protect their customers and the public at large from these known dangers.

The Premises Liability Laws is intended to hold these property owners responsible when serious injury or even death occurs. However, the matter sometimes become complicated and more importantly the ‘burden of proof’ this is when the injured party is required to prove the property owners’ negligence, can sometimes be formidable.

If however, you are successful in proving your case you can be in a position to seek and collect substantial monetary compensation from the property owner.

Here are a few examples of Premises Liability claims:

At the New York Law Office of Alexandr Vakarev Esq., we have devoted the maximum resources at our disposal to achieving the highest level of compensation for our client. We are committed to providing each client the time, attention and expertise their case deserve. We work with the best expert to corroborate the components of each case thus ensuring a successful conclusion.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone poor maintenance and negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for:
  • Medical & Hospitalization Bills
  • Cost of Medication
  • Specialized Testing due to Injury
  • Doctors’ follow-up visits
  • Property Damages
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Future Loss of Earnings
  • Emotional Pain & Suffering

With the help of a dedicated New York Premises Liability Attorney at the Law Office of Aleksandr Vakarev Esq., we will determine whether your personal injury case has merit.


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